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Focusing on the basic theoretical research of Power Line Carrier communication technology and Bus communication technology, Topscomm communication has been developing many industry's leading "software + hardware + service" products 
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Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd

Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd was established in March 2008 with a registered capital of 469 million yuan. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in October 2016 (stock code 603421). The company's headquarters is located in the Software Park of South District, Qingdao, China and has built a 360,000 square meters of high-tech industrial park in the high-tech zone. Topscomm Communication is actively involved in industrial fields such as "Ubiquitous IoT, Integrated Energy Efficiency Management, Power Information Communication, Arc-Fault Protection, and Smart Fire Protection". Topscomm communication has a profound technical reserves and perfect product system, focusing on the basic theoretical research of Power Line Carrier communication technology and Bus communication technology, has been developing many industry's leading integrated solutions and "software + hardware + service" products, which mainly used in the national smart grid data acquisition system. Topscomm communication has a rich experience in the power deepening application and information system construction. Relying on its in-depth understanding of smart grids, Topscomm has continued to develop technologies such as medium-voltage PLC, distribution network automation, power quality, 10kV charging stations, and arc fault protection in the field of low-voltage power consumption, and actively expand new areas of technology applications. Topscomm owns more than 200 independent intellectual property rights such as IC design, field communication, electronic technology and systems, participating in the formulation of 12 national-level power and fire industry related standards, and has won 3 national, provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a key software enterprise within the national planning layout. Topscomm is certified by CCC, Measurement Management System, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CNAS, etc.
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  • History
      In 2008, Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd. was established in Qingdao. In the same year, Topscomm's core product TCC081C power line carrier communication chip was launched, broke the original market pattern;   In 2009,  Topscomm intelligent acquisition terminal products were launched and achieved great success;   In 2012,  Topscomm Low Voltage Power Line Carrier market share ascended to No. 1 of China. And In July, Topscomm completed the joint-stock system reform, with registered capital of USD 60 million;   In 2013, Identified as national “high-tech enterprises” , “Enterprise Technology Center”; and the TCC series of chipset were awarded the Qingdao Famous Brand;   In 2014, The turnover broke USD 155 million, and the sales volume of chip around the world exceeded 150 million PCS; the company is awarded the key Hi-Tech enterprise of the National Torch Program;   In 2015, Shanghai EnChips Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. was established; Topscomm Intelligent Equipment Company started mold making and injection processing; Topscomm owns nearly 100 independent intellectual property rights; in this year, the production base and new headquarters park with the total area of 360,000 square meters started the construction;   In 2016, Topscomm is successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, fire protection products went into market, Shenyang Keyuan State Grid Power Engineering Design Company was established, further shows the world of her powerful strength.    In 2017, Over 300 million Topscomm Chips operates stably in the world. Energy meters with self-designed IC products were launched, and Grid Distribution products were fully launched.    In 2018, After the "July Conference”, Topscomm started a complete revolution. Topscomm Sci-Tech Industrial Park was put into use. With a total area of 360,000 ㎡, the industry park covers the range from mold tooling, plastic injection, PCB ’A SMT&THT production.
  • Culture
    Enterprise Vision Lead The Power Distribution And Consumption IndustryEnterprise Mission Create Value For Customers Enterprise Values Adhere to principles, seek truth from facts, customer-centric, striver-oriented, self-criticism Strategic Target Pursuit moderate profit under high growth Strategic Path & Direction Two-wheel drive, customer experience oriented, organizational customer relations, excellent management ability
Latest news
TOPSCOMM Testing Center Passed the CNAS Site Supervision and Project Expansion Evaluation
Nov 23, 2019 TOPSCOMM Testing Center Passed the CNAS Site Supervision and Project Expansion Evaluation
During Nov.16-17, 2019, TOPSCOMM Testing Center successfully passed the 2019 supervision and project expansion evaluation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).The review group includes four review experts and a CNAS supervisor. During two days’ review,  the review group reviewed the laboratory's overall environment, field tests, instrument tractability and use records, test reports and original test records, personnel qualifications and authorization, internal audit and management review reports, and conducted a comprehensive review of our testing center’s operation status and technical ability in combination with on-site questions according to the requirements of CNAS-CL01: 2018 <Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories>, CNAS-CL01-G001: 2018 Application of CNAS-CL01 <Accreditation Criteria for the Competency of Testing and Calibration Laboratories>, CNAS-CL01-A003: 2018 <Guidance on the Application of Testing and Calibration Laboratories Competence Accreditation Criteria in the Field of Electrical Testing>, CNAS-CL01-A008: 2018 < Guidance on the Application of Testing and Calibration Laboratories Competence Accreditation Criteria in the Field of Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing>, etc.After the strict and careful review, the experts and supervisor fully affirmed the overall strength and technical level of our testing center, and put forward guidance suggestions for further improving the capacity construction.Finally, they fully agrees that TOPSCOMM Testing Center meets the requirements of CNAS accreditation criteria and is capable of carrying out corresponding testing activities. TOPSCOMM Testing Center passed the CNAS site supervision.After this supervision and project expansion review, TOPSCOMM Testing Center's testing ability recognition scope has been expanded to three product categories, namely electric energy meter, power user information acquisition system and firefighting linkage control system. Now we have 87 testing items in 16 testing standards totally, which further enhanced our technical strength.Taking the supervision and evaluation as a new starting point, TOPSCOMM Testing Center will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "science, justice, accuracy and preciseness", strictly abide by the recognition criteria, constantly improve the management and technical level, better serve the development of the company, and create value for customers.
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DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition in 2017, San Diego, California
Nov 27, 2016 DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition in 2017, San Diego, California
DistribuTECH is a leading annual electric power transmission and distribution conference & exhibition event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home. Topscomm is attending this DistribuTECH with our latest PLC communication solutions (including LV PLC & MV PLC communication), AMR/AMI smart metering solutions and automatic power distribution solutions etc. Welcome to visit us!
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Topscomm: A Fruitful Show in Europe Utility Week, Barcelona
Nov 23, 2016 Topscomm: A Fruitful Show in Europe Utility Week, Barcelona
On November 17th of 2016, the three-day Europe Utility Week in Barcelona, was successfully completed, Topscomm once again showed up with our latest face in the international market. In this exhibition, Topscomm has achieved great success, a large number of world reputable energy and/or communication solution providers, and tens of senior officers from the utilities visited our booth. These customers showed great interesting on our products & solutions, especially in our Smart energy meters, the Low-voltage PLC communication solution, Medium-voltage PLC communication solution and Automatic power distribution solutions etc. They exchanged with our technical engineers of the problems they met in the practical projects, and asked Topscomm to offer more reliable technical solutions over PLC communication, AMR/AMI system and Automatic power distribution fields. All people had a fruitful journey in this exhibition. The customer’s approval is the greatest support for Topscomm. We thank all of our customers and all the people helped us in past days. Topscomm will never stop moving forwards, will always show the world of our technology advantage in power industry, to provide the customers with better and more optimized solutions.
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New Stock: TOPSCOMM Listed for Transaction Instantaneously Rose by 44%
Oct 20, 2016 New Stock: TOPSCOMM Listed for Transaction Instantaneously Rose by 44%
----NetEase Finance 11th, October: New stock TOPSCOMM (Code: 603421) listed in the Main Board of Shanghai Exchange Stock today. The stock opened higher and instantaneously rose by 44% on the 1st day. TOPSCOMM: Issue price of 14.02 CNY, P/E ratio of 22.99 times. Issued shares number is 43.40 million shares, accounts for 10.01% of the total share capital, are all publicly issued new shares. 【Company Profile】 The main business of Topscomm includes low voltage PLC (power line carrier) communications products’ development, production, sales and service. The products are including low voltage PLC communication module (including chips), data acquisition terminal equipment etc., which are mainly used in the smart grid power electricity collection system. The core products of low voltage PLC communication chip is integrated in the carrier module, and assembled in the smart energy meter, data collector, data concentrator and other acquisition terminals, finally achieve automatic meter reading through PLC communication. Meanwhile, relying on independent research and development of PLC communication technology, the company further developed  the energy meter, private data acquisition terminal product lines etc., and actively expand the new technology applications, cultivate new profit growth point. In addition to PLC communication technology, the company is also active in bus communication technology research and development, has successful developed a series of fire alarm & control system equipment.
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TOPSCOMM: Make Energy More Intelligent
Aug 11, 2016 TOPSCOMM: Make Energy More Intelligent
------From CHINA ENERGY NEWS Recently, at the 6th International Smart Grid Summit, Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd. demonstrated the company's core communication product--TCC081C power line carrier communication chip, a major highlight of the show. TOPSCOMM was founded in 2008, with TOPSCOMM people’s specific adherence and faith, and the continue exploration of power line carrier communication, the core products were launched and broke the original market structure, gradually emerged in the field of power line carrier. After years’ development, TOPSCOMM PLC products market share has ranked No.1 in China, obtained the leading market position in PLC industry. In 2015, the turnover has broken 1 billion RMB (Over 155 million USD ); and in 2016, TOPSCOMM listed in the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Presently, over 150 million units of TOPSCOMM PLC products are operating in all over the world. “TOPSCOMM adopts the most advanced modulation and demodulation technology to achieve the bi-directional, high-speed, high security and stable data transmission in low voltage power line,” said Mr. Zhishuang Yuan, the Deputy General Manager of the group, “we are now also committed to achieve the perfect landing of broad band PLC technology, to contribute to the power line network interconnection in the applications such as energy information collection, distributed energy management, electric energy efficiency management, intelligent home, intelligent building management etc. ” TOPSCOMM medium voltage PLC communication solution is a kind of communication technology to make use of the widely distributed 10kV medium voltage distribution lines as the data transmission channel. This kind of communication will not be affected by geographical, environmental factor, its communication link is safe, stable and reliable. TOPSCOMM medium voltage PLC communication solution is able to make the 10kV power line into utility self-owned private communication network, effectively settle the on-line problems of the collection terminals at weak signal areas or no signal covered areas, to achieve full data collection and signal coverage of electricity information. The solution is available to replace the current used GPRS communication channel, to build up a utility independently controlled medium voltage distribution lines transmission channel, to prevent the stability & security of data transmission from the limitations caused by the public mobile network provider. And the solution also helps to provide dedicated real-time data transmission channel for power distribution automation system, to achieve the optimal investment in the comprehensive monitoring of distribution network. As a professional solution provider in low voltage PLC meter reading, and an industrial leader in intelligent power data collection, TOPSCOMM has already made full deployment in four-meter unified reading field (water/gas/heat/energy meters reading). TOPSCOMM makes full use of the advanta...
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