OPTIM- PLC Communication Solution
Nov 29 , 2016

OPTIM-PLC(Optimized PLC Communication Solution) is a advanced PLC communication solution independently developed by Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co., Ltd. OPTIM-PLC is a kind of high-performance communication solution specialized in HV/MV & LV power supply system, is widely used in the field communication network of AMR/AMI and Energy Management system. OPTIM-PLC takes full advantage of the cyclical impedance and noise stability characteristics of the power line network, eliminates the communication bland spots, and has achieved excellent communication capability.

OPTIM-PLC communication is designed on IEC 61334, it utilizes TDS-OMCM(Time Domain Synchronization-Orthogonal Multi Carrier Modulation)technology and OFDM physical layer modulation principle, to avoid the cyclical low impedance and high noise timeslot of each phase both on time and frequency domain. Meantime, it makes full use of the timeslot of the high impedance & low noise, achieved powerful data communication capability. OPTIM-PLC is also equipped with time division multiplexing technology, realized high efficient three-phase/line concurrent communication capability through Logical Link Control (LLC).

OPTIM-PLC is equipped with time & frequency domain conversion technology, it is not only able to resist the amplitude noise within the communication band, but also realizes excellent resistance capability over the ubiquitous transient phase noise in low voltage power grid.

OPTIM-PLC is suitable for many different kinds of field environmental condition. 

Following pictures are got from our project fields, the solution is widely used in rural area, rural-urban fringe zone, old residential community, high-rise residential community and isolated small settlement. And the success rate of meter data reading is above 99.9% per day, the success rate of meter data reading is above 95% for one time.

Topscomm OPTIM-PLC communication solution in large-scale construction and normal running is featured with following:

1)Low construction load  

2)Easy for operation

3)Lowest maintenance


OPTIM-PLC has achieved rich global market foundation. Over 150 million units of PLC products so far have been deployed through State Grid of China, which almost shares 50% of the Chinese PLC market. Numerous of field projects implementation and reports feedback has helped to improve the products’ functionality and performance. Success rate of 99.9% does show great advantages over than the other similar PLC products. Besides, the solutions in Russia, South Africa, Israel, Mongolia and Vietnam etc. are also operating very well now.

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